School-based Programming


Real wild animals of RI in “Going Wild for Planet E!”


Apeiron youth programs promote experiential, inquiry-based learning while developing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills in the context of sustainability education. Hands on exploration of such topics as renewable energy, local habitats and eco-systems, and green building bring science to life and form the basis for meaningful interactions between students and their local environment. Apeiron programs empower youth with real world skills, critical thinking and problem solving directly related to their lives and communities, and foster the desire to create positive impacts in their neighborhood and world.

While programs can readily be tailored to fit your students’ needs and interests, below is a sampling of programs we currently offer in 6-8 session after school settings:

  • Sun Cars & Fun

    Sun Cars & Fun engages middle school students in hands-on, inquiry-based learning about alternative/renewable energy and car design. They develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while participating in a variety of games and activities, including solar tag and building solar ovens. Ultimately, students design and build their own model solar electric cars to race in the state-wide RI Junior Solar Sprint competition at the Met School in the Spring.

                *Grades 5-8

  • Going Wild 4 Planet E!

    Going Wild 4 Planet E! introduces youth to a variety of experiential, deep-ecology based activities that guide them in connecting with their environment and understanding the deep relationship among all forms of life on the planet. Using their sensory skills, they explore and examine the natural world in their own community as well as learn about greater eco-systems and bio-spheres of which they are an important part. They learn about human history and humans’ relationships with the environment from the past to the present and become “eco-superheroes” for their neighborhood, school and planet.

    *Grades K-5

  • Eco-Chefs

    Eco-Chefs students are introduced to the knowledge, skills and techniques that make cooking both an art and a science.  Young people in this program develop a better understanding and appreciation of where food comes from, how it grows, and what makes it healthy for both the planet and themselves.

    *Grades 5-8

  • Eco-Hoods and Young Planners & Builders

    Eco-Hoods and Young Planners & Builders are place-based programs that offer youth an opportunity to closely examine their neighborhood in a new way using a variety of maps, digital cameras and neighborhood inventories. They visually identify the past, present and future of their community, determine what is important to have in a healthy and vital neighborhood, learn about new and old earth friendly technologies, take a field trip to Apeiron’s real live eco-house, and ultimately redesign their own model eco-community. By learning about community features that are both healthy for the planet and the humans in it this program cultivates future planners, builders and community caretakers.

    *Grades 5-12

  • Eco-Art

    Eco-Art programs engage youth in making creative connections between art and the environment. This very hands-on curriculum is designed to look at art in nature, art for nature and art from nature. Students study art outside in the natural world, art that mimics nature, art made from recycled and other earth-friendly materials and art made from natural objects. This program provides an opportunity for students to use another “language” to closely examine and express their relationship with the environment.

    *Grades K-12

  • Survivor RI Style

    Survivor RI Style offers students a unique and highly activated opportunity to explore the human community, and our past, present and future in a whole new way. Youth learn the skills, qualities and community assets that enabled human survival through more than 4 millenia as well the new technologies and adaptations we will need to ensure survival into the future. They practice sensory awareness and precision, learn the elements necessary for survival, and identify what resources we can find all around us in whatever urban, rural or wild environment we find ourselves.

    *Grades 3-8

  • Caring for My Body, Caring for My World

    Caring for My Body, Caring for My World provides students a new way of looking at and interacting with the world around them. Experiential ecological activities and projects enable students to uncover the direct relationship between the health of our Earth and their individual health. By taking care of our bodies and making wholesome, positive choices we are in turn caring for and promoting a healthy environment on our planet. Students will engage in thought and open dialogue about:

    • Food and where it comes from
    • Healthy lifestyle choices
    • Being active “agents of change”
    • Energy, non-renewable resources and sustainable alternatives
    • The hidden environmental costs of negative behaviors such as drugs and fighting
    • Global trends and how they are directly linked to personal health
    • Benefits of spending time outdoors
    • Caretaking

    *Grades 8-12

  • Green Team

    Green Team gives young people the chance and the tools to step up as leaders, make a difference in their schools, and become community caretakers. This program engages youth in hands-on, real world problem solving right in their own school. With support, the Green Team inventories their school’s functions and habits – takes an inside look at how their building uses energy, how much the school recycles (or doesn’t!), where school food comes from – and ultimately designs and implements a school based project of importance to the team. By the nature of the program youth will be practicing STEM and literacy skills, establishing meaningful relationships with their local environment, and empowering themselves as school leaders.

    *Grades 6-12


For more information, fee structures, or to discuss program ideas please contact Elisabeth Bux, Director of Youth Programming & Teacher Education at or (401) 228-7930.